So there’s tons of pictures depicting servers getting shitty fake money with religious propaganda. Or even better, receipts omitting a tip with a lovely note explaining some asshole’s inability to agree with a servers “lifestyle”.

But here is some regular old douche baggery commonly referred to as The Verbal Tip, no religion necessary! I got this a month or so back, clearly there’s a big fat zero and the woman neglected to leave even a penny on the bar.

Now, I’ve been stiffed before and no it didn’t take any effort to pour a shot of vodka. So really, whatever, it’s not much of a loss. But she was a lovely woman. We had nice conversation. And the fucking note? Really?
“XOXO Spread the love”

That’s a slap in the face. And it feels just as bad as all the other pansy fuckers who’ve thanked me graciously for my hard work and attentive service and left me a gaping awful zero dollars for tip. So I’ll add this memory to the surely hundred or so others.

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    "XOXO Spread love" seems very…irionic somehow….
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    Please treat our service industry workers with respect. They put up with a lot of shit for what tips supplement sub par...
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    I do feel bad but I’m poor, unemployed, and i was hungry. Someone who’s more wealthy can tip them. The place is...
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    Sometimes you can’t, a lot of restaurants (especially corporate) have policies firmly in place that you have to just...
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    What do you even say when someone doesn’t tip you and you know damn well that you deserve one?? Cuz it’s happened to me...
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    I’m also a broke college student so I understand the tipping problem as someone who sometimes can only get a...
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    yeah you should….. you should feel bad about that. i know it sucks to be poor but youre stiffing over somebody who is...
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    I don’t want to be mean, but you should feel bad about that :/
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    what a dick move omg LOVE DOES NOT PAY FOR GROCERIES
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    Chose another job. We as people argue and complain about a lot, myself included. If you don’t believe in having a bulk...
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